Why Buy a Walk-in Bathtub?

  1. leigharagon
  2. January 24, 2013 5:30 pm

Why Buy a Walk-in Bathtub?

Walk-in bathtubs are a very popular choice for new home construction, as well as as when considering bathroom remodels. The best walk-in bathtubs offer a plethora of features and offer comfort. Walk-in bathtubs combine beauty, safety, comfort and accessibility; along with the benefits of a spa when choosing a hydrotherapy model. If you are considering a bathroom remodel or building a new home, you may want to think about adding a walk-in bathtub.


The best walk-in bathtubs can be fitted or replaced in your existing bathtub or shower space. Most have an options for the door openings to be on the left or the right. Most include a 17 inch high seat, which is the height of a standard chair. This allows for convenience and comfort. Lower thresholds for walking out are of upmost importance when safety is a factor.


Safety features are the most important element of walk-in bathtubs. These include non-slip floors, safety bars and easy grip handles inside the bathtub. Besides regular soaking bathtubs, there are also whirlpool options and hydrotherapy (air-spa) models available. If you enjoy going to a spa or are looking for medical benefits to ease arthritic pain, whirlpool or air-spa models could be right for you.


Finding the best walk-in bathtub for your needs depends on what features, size and look you’re most interested in. www.EasyBathtub.com offers walk-in bathtubs to meet the needs for most any budget. Find comfort, safety and beauty with a walk-in bathtub.

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