Presidential WHIRLPOOL-SPA


Presidential Whirlpool Spa

Presidential Whirlpool Spa

The Presidential WHIRLPOOL-SPA Model is the best water-jet model offering adjustable, powerful water jets and a separate in-line water heat pump.

Deluxe Variable Speed Whirlpool Spa and Hot Water Heating Systems consist of a lavish and adjustable Water Whirlpool System, as well as a modernized Whirlpool Hot Water Heater.  This system provides not only relaxation, but the ultimate in whirlpool massage therapy.  The water jets are adjustable and provide powerful, thorough deep massage which can be directed to specific body parts.The Presidential WHIRLPOOL-SPA walk in tub includes the same structure of the Presidential AIR-SPA*, plus:

    • Relax your muscles
    • Relieve stiffness
    • Increase blood circulation
    • Reduce pain
  • The exclusive in-line Hot Water Heating System will ensure that your bath water always stays hot.  The keypad control is easy to reach and simple to use.  Control the water spa power front a gentle massage to a pulsating force.
  • Color choice is White only.
  • Doors for all Presidential Walk-in Bathtubs have the option of either a LEFT mounted door or a RIGHT mounted door.

* The Presidential WHIRLPOOL-SPA includes the same structure, safety features, finish, etc. of the Presidential AIR-SPA, but does NOT include the AIR-SPA system of hydroports and air-jets.  Please review the Presidential FULL-SPA combo if you’re interested in a walk-in bathtub featuring both and AIR-SPA and a WHIRLPOOL-SPA.

The Presidential WHILRPOOL-SPA  is available in two widths, WIDE or STANDARD: Presidential WIDE & LONG 52″ L 29″ W 40″ H, Presidential STANDARD & SHORT 46″ L 26″ W 39″ H.

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